Black Butterfly Designs
Specialties: The Butterfly Experience creating a space for high energy, relaxation and/or meditation, family gatherings, power thinking, etc starts with your decor... "it's in the details!"Our decor pieces are handcrafted and inspired by nature using resin and wood. Our goal is to help you "Set the Atmosphere " in your home or office. Established in 2018. Re-established in 2020! Along with many others, we were forced to close our doors for a while. But that wasn’t the end…we gave ourselves a facelift and began creating home decor pieces using resin and wood. With a background in design, education in Interior Architecture and love of color psychology, our CEO, Christine is using everything she has learned to create pieces to motivate, calm, energize clients. She believes that everyone should have a space or spaces that reflect who they are and who they are growing to be.
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