Rent Backyard Hens
Specialties: Rent Backyard Hens offers one month (4-week), two month (8-week) and three month (12-week) rental packages that include everything you need to immediately begin enjoying the benefits of backyard hens. Our rental packages include one portable chicken coop on wheels (a.k.a., a chicken tractor), two adult female egg-laying hens, a poultry feeder and waterer, organic layer feed, and enough coop bedding to last the rental period, all delivered right to your home. We'll set everything up for you and cover what you'll need to know while caring for your feathered guests. At the end of the rental period, we'll come and pick up the hens, coop, feeder and waterer at no extra charge. Established in 2022. Rent Backyard Hens was established in January 2022 to allow San Francisco Bay Area residents the opportunity to try out backyard chicken keeping!
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