Studio Ruby Resonance Repatterning Healing Arts
Specialties: What is Repatterning? Is a powerful remedy to deal with trauma, anxiety, feeling stuck in life, self confidence, relationships and self sabotaging behaviors. If you have a recurring problem, that’s typically an unconscious pattern. You may find yourself saying, “I keep doing this same thing or having the same relationships over & over again.” Well, that’s a pattern you cannot do anything about at the conscious level. We can go in and address the root cause, which disrupts the pattern instantly in most cases, helping your problem to heal. I’m certified in: Resonance Repatterning Hypnotism NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Timeline Therapy Spontaneous Transformation Channeled Light Healing Established in 2016. I was referred to a local Repatterning Practitioner from friends after I mentioned an insecurity I was having that I thought I should have gotten over by now. They all immediately referred me to Repatterning as it had worked powerfully for them in the past. I started receiving sessions, then after about 6 months I had an excruciating pain in my belly which put me in the ER. This pain was never diagnosed but it led to a myriad of tests which saved my life through an early detection of colon cancer. To this day, the doctors say I won the lotto because the pain had nothing to do with this cancer which was located in an area with no nerve endings. But I knew it was the energy work. Powerful.
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