Yelp Elite Experience: Birria Taco time @ Garnacha-Que Apapacha
8 reviews of Yelp Elite Experience: Birria Taco time @ Garnacha-Que Apapacha "best tacos I have had in the treasure valley hands down. I was super happy with everything! the tacos are a beefy, cheesy piece of heaven. I had never had a birria taco until I tried these. my dad actually brought them to us about 6 months ago, so I have tried them once before. he couldn't remember the name of the truck he got them from so we didn't have them again and I couldn't leave a review earlier! when this elite thing came up, I showed him the photos of the truck and he went, "that's it!!" so needless to say, I was excited. I brought him some tacos too, and he was so thrilled! the husband and wife team are super friendly, the food is excellent, and it was a fun experience all around. I will be telling everyone I know about these tacos because they are that good. I can't wait to have them again, and lucky for me my husband works in nampa so I will be making him stop and bring them home for dinner when we can!! thank you again, we loved them!"
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