Driving School Car Rental
Specialties: Fully equipped cars with assist gas and brake pedals. Need a car to practice before DMV behind the wheel driving exam? We can help! Our car rental service for student drivers offers vehicles which equipped with break and/or gas plus brake pedals to assist the student driver while driving. Anyone who has state valid driver license can assist and be your instructor. Established in 2021. We are North California (San Francisco Bay Area) based Innovative company that focused on solving daily bases problems that would help make your life easier. This project itself will help you, your friends, and your family members to solve Driving Problems very easily. Our Company Provides Car Rental Service for Student Drivers with Fully Equipped Assist Pedals which will let you learn driving or teach anyone you want. Our Cars Equipped either with 2 pedals Including Gas and Break or Only Break which helps to Assists the Student Driver and control the Driving process. Your Friends or Family Members can Assist you while driving. We provide different car types for your choice fully equipped and ready to drive. You can choose how many days you would like to Rent our Cars. As a Bonus, No MILE limitations were applied.
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